Dear Friends,

We are pleased to present our web sites aimed to help international visitors to get information for a perfect trip to Ecuador and Peru, and enjoy the best of both countries: GalapagosTourism ©, Galapagos4me ©, PeruTourism©, Peru-Turismo © and Peru4me ©. Our mother company, Viajes Pentagrama S.A. has been working on the area of travel and tourism since its foundation in 1983.

We are proud to be the only Tour Operator network in Ecuador and Peru who specializes in custom made journeys to the main destinations in both countries, also Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, tailored to meet your highest expectations. Forget about packages, it's time to create your own travel to Ecuador!.

Our network with hotels, tourist guides, carrier companies, tour operators, travel information centers among others, is one the bests. With over 30 years of experience we qualified to offer you permanent assistance during your travel to Ecuador. Our completely satisfied customers can certify that. Our commitment is not to provide you a good travel service, but to provide you with one of the best experiences of your life.

Welcome to the magic of Ecuador and Galapagos!

Miguel A. Lahura

KUSI SAYS... (meet him HERE!)

We are proud of our company. Through 25 years we have one only ideal: that success could be acquired with a responsible treatment to our customers, with a honest relationships with our clients and our providers, that technology is the motor that will guide us to the future, that our staff is the core of our organization, that money is not as important as your satisfaction, that we do not sell travel packages, we sell dreams...

This is our commitment, and as I said, we are proud of it.