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I will never forget this trip


The trip was perfect. The time in the Galapagos was an intensive course in Natural Selection that validated everything I knew and taught me things I didn’t know. My grandsons who had each completed a course in Biology during the past school year really enjoyed the tours.

A lot of that was due to our guide, Billy. He was not only knowledgeable but he was able to communicate the information in a narrative that connected all of the dots. I thought he was very skillful in his responses to children and adults who asked irrelevant questions that put the discussion back on track.

There were a couple of times when they changed the organization of the groups and we were with another guide which made us appreciate Billy even more. The M\V Santa Cruz was the ideal platform form for visiting the islands. I can’t imagine visiting the islands in any other fashion.
The cabin on the boat was fine. The food was great although the boys thought the dinners could have been a little larger (continental portions).

Warren Ashley Ph.D., Director

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