Top reasons to choose Galapagos Tourism

We prepare custom-made trips to Ecuador and Galapagos. You just tell us your dreams and expectations for your vacations, and we will make it real for you. We do not work with set dates of departure. You can start your trip whenever you want!

We will create you a personalized travel webpage. There, you will be able to read all our proposal itineraries, communicate with your Travel Specialist, check your communication log, review your balance, see your ticket reservations, and more.

Your Travel Specialist will give you 24/7 assistance, supported by a 24-hour operations department during your whole journey.

Our Travel Network around Ecuador is constituted by the best and more important tour operators, hotels and transport companies, assuring a smooth, comfortable and effective service on all destinations.

No late booking fees or hidden costs. The prices we show you in our itineraries are the final ones.


KUSI SAYS... (meet him HERE!)

All of these are not only "reasons" why you should make business with us instead with another company. These are the additional services we NEED to give you in order to feel that we are doing a job well done, but also because we respect you, we care about you and we know that a total satisfaction is the best that could happen for both of us. If we seek only for money, that is the lowest point we could reach. We are always trying to go beyond.